In accordance with (EG) Nr. 1907/2006

Our specially designed, high-quality products for use in automated vehicle care facilities are in accordance with the German rules and regulations regarding detergents and pollution protection of waste-water (WRMG). Utilized tensides are more than 90% biodegradeable.

Furthermore, all substances applied in the production of our products are registered and in accordance with the EU Regulation Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH-Regulation).

They contain no heavy metals, heavy metal compounds, halogens, nitrites, nitrates, sulphides, formaldehydes or alkyphenolethoxylates.

In addition ,these are free from halogenated hydrocarbons or organically-bound halogen compounds which could produce AOX in waste water (CFC-free).

Our water-repellent agents are free from mineral oil hydrocarbon products.

Acc. DIN 1999 section 7 „easily separable cleaning agents, requirements and testing“, our products produce no stable emulsions when used at the concentration specified by us, The separation capacity in light liquid separator in accordance with DIN 1999 is not impaired. The separation of oil/water is guaranteed.